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Welcome to Commercial and General

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Innovative Solutions to
Today's Problems

For over 20 years we  have delivered market-leading solutions to help meet our clients’ challenges.

Founded in May 2000 we have grown from a small, niche introducing broker to a multi-line business incorporating:

  • our commercial insurance business, offering a full range of commercial insurance products including PI, D&O, cyber, commercial combined

  • affinity, schemes, introducer, and wholesale broking

  • the provision of support, advice, and regulatory services to new start-up Appointed Representatives by acting as their FCA principal

  • the retail brands; Bettersafe and Insure-Now

Powered by technology, driven by innovation

We have adapted innovative technology to deliver first class service and support.

For example our retail brand, Insure-Now, is the first UK insurance broker to use distributed ledger technology (or Blockchain) for its core solution, ensuring a clear processing path with exceptional data quality, low processing costs and a full audit chain.

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